Future, present and history

ZC Zanetti Chini Rubinetterie boasts origins back in time: our Dad, Giuseppe, inspired by the values of the family company and driven by the passion for the well-done job, founded it. In the meanwhile, it has been growing up in the artisanal tradition with a strong orientation towards innovation and future development.

The sons Matteo and Giorgio, the daughter Alessia with their specific competences and the grandson Guglielmo, who coordinates the production processes, continue along the path marked out by the founder, planning the development of the company and transforming it in a corporate system.

ZC Zanetti Chini Rubinetterie elaborated an excellent system for the creation of value, through the strengthening of structures and technologies and the organization of processes and operational tools, by implementing the formation of human resources and building a team of area specialists.

In this respect, ZC Zanetti Chini Rubinetterie has turned in a system, organized and flexible, strongly oriented to the market, characterized by thought originality and language freshness, maintaining a fair balance between tradition and innovation, according to a gratifying and competing way of life, thanks to an assortment of products forming part of distinctive in forms and functions collections.

65 years between tradition and innovation

ZC Zanetti Chini Rubinetterie system is Made in Italy awarded. It complies with the Italian Quality System requirements: Entirely manufactured in Italy products – Safeguard and respect of the environment – Respect of the ethical rules – Products manufactured with quality materials, according to safety and health standards.

Small but smart company system

A simple but lean structure with a vibrant and flexible organization; a team that works efficiently and effectively and a smart offer, where the customer is the focus of attention.

Mission: DNA with a very high value-added

Synthesis of artisanal tradition, genius, innovation and collective action.

Streamlined thought and action

Planning, developing and managing the projects along the innovation path in order to satisfy the demand, anticipating the expectations, and to generate competitive advantages through the construction of market relationships and partnership.

Company–Designer hyper-relation

Creativity and integration: intelligences working together in response to the scenarios and to the more and more complex needs of the market and its challenges, to the perspectives and new opportunities.

These are the guidelines for the valorisation of the cultural and artistic heritage in a synthesis of genius, innovation and collective action.

Production, talent and organisation

The technological system and the know-how allow a complete production cycle, from the transformation of raw material to the mechanical machining, finishing and assembly, supported by specialized external synergies.

Processes are correlated to the IT system that regulates production, planning and delivery.

Talent and organization: it is ZC Zanetti Chini Rubinetterie‘s way to interpret the Made in Italy.

Collections: accessible quality

A complete range of versatile products that differ according to the consumers’ style, in the bathroom fittings and kitchen sectors.

The Bathroom and Kitchen Collections, ZCfabrica and Consolle conjugate the quality in the research together with the project sense, thus developing the entrepreneurial identity and competitiveness.

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